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The Open Championship – Virtual Pro-Am Pairs

On July 21st to coincide with the final round of the Open from Troon (The golf major, not the Lamlash Open), we will have an additional event, which we are calling the ‘Lamlash virtual Pro-Am golf sweep’. Each person who enters (net) Sunday medal score, whether you played in the Whiting Bay Open or the Scratch Cup at Lamlash, will be added to the final round score of one of the top 30 players from the Open, based on the leader-board from Saturday night. For an additional £2 sweep entry, we will have 3rd 2nd and 1st prizes based on the aggregate score of your net medal score plus your professional partner’s gross score for the final day. The prize giving, will occur shortly after the conclusion of the Troon based Open, in our clubhouse.
It sounds complicated, but isn’t really. Imagine playing your Sunday round, whilst Rory plays his and combining your scores.
This is meant to be just a bit of fun, but aimed at engaging even more interest in the final round of the Open especially if you draw the odious (I’m joking. Only because he keeps winning!) but invincible Scottie Scheffler.

The Euros

Friday June the 14th June at 8pm, is the opening match of the Euros with Scotland playing the underdogs (yeah right) and hosts of Germany. It is on terrestrial TV, so where better to watch it than the club? Duncan is doing pies and pub food before the match. Even I will be there. The other key round-robin nights are the 19th and 23rd, both at 8pm.
For your future diary, the Scotland v England final will be on the 14th July. See you there!!!