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Hole by Hole Guide to the Course

Arran’s Old Course at Lamlash Golf Club is a delightful 18 hole golf course on The Isle of Arran, Scotland. The course offers a serious challenge for golfers of all abilities. An example of the challenge set can be seen in the fact that it has many long Par 3’s, including two measuring over 220 yds.
In addition to these lengthy Par 3’s, Lamlash offers many tricky Par 4 holes where an off-centre tee shot will more than likely find the rough area.
Set on the hillside above the village of Lamlash on the Isle of Arran, there are some spectacular views overlooking the Clyde Estuary and the Ayrshire coast, including famous courses such as Royal Troon & Turnberry.
With its lush fairways and beautiful greens, Lamlash Golf Course stands head and shoulders above the other courses on Arran and really is a must play course in the west of Scotland.

*All yardage quoted below is from the White Medal Tees.

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Hole 1

Up and away to the top of the hill. A challenging par 4 to start, where a good drive down the middle is important to make the approach shot shorter. Be sure to take in the stunning views of holy isle and Lamlash bay as you walk up the hill.

Hole 2

Start of the challenging Par 3’s. Out of bounds on the left and a bunker right of the green to take any safe shots. A long iron low with a draw to run up onto the green is the locals shot.

Hole 3

Tee shot is vital to get into position for your approach shot, the further up the fairway the better and hopefully a flat lie. A long narrow green makes the approach tricky.

Hole 4

A short par 3, with low iron the option, be sure not to go short or right of the green as your ball will run away down the hill. Once on the green hopefully you have an uphill putt, as from back to front the green is very fast.

Hole 5

Short but very tricky par 3. Play a high and soft shot iron down to the sloping green, be happy if you hit the green and stay on. Depending where you are it can be a fast and tough putt. Take your 3 happily and move on to the 6th.

Hole 6

Blind Tee shot, aim over the black and white pole to leave a short iron into the 3 tier green. Make sure your in the right part or you will have a tough two putt.

Hole 7

A driveable par 4 over two burns, aim to the right of the green to let the slope take the ball onto the green. Anything left will bounce away and leave a tricky up and down.

Hole 8

Another blind tee shot up the steep facing hill and over the marker. Be sure to wait until you hear the bell ringing if you are following players.

Hole 9

Glorious view of Holy isle. Over and down the hill at the marker and a short play rolling down to the green.

Hole 10

A dog leg left. You really want to get up that hill or it will be rolling back down towards the burn!

Hole 11

The first hole of the “triangle”. A good straight drive up the fairway and be careful with your shoot to the green. Make sure you don’t play it short or you will be rolling down the hill.

Hole 12

Most challenging par 3 on the course. Leave your tee shot towards the bottom of green so you are hitting up to green on 2nd shot. Take in the majestic view over Lamlash Bay at the highest part of the course.

Hole 13

Downhill par 3, many a ball have been lost in the field to the left watch out and don’t hook it.

Hole 14

Downhill with Holy isle in view. Play it straight down and watch out for the sneaky bunker to the front right of the green.

Hole 15

A tricky tee shot for some with the pressure of the road and quarry to drive over, aim for the marker.

Hole 16

A wee dunt to the green, bunkers to the left and right, and a steep incline down. The shortest hole on the course, requires respect.

Hole 17

Straight over the manse road and a chip and run up to green which has a lip at the front.

Hole 18

A straight drive to between the two trees will set you up nicely for a 2nd shot to the elevated green. Make sure it’s not a short one as you’ll end up rolling down hill or even worse in the burn. An excellent finishing hole.